Eradicating a cancer in our system

Coalition Letter to Governor Hobbs

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We regard the profit incentive to incarcerate as a cancer in our criminal justice system that is spreading not just in prison privatization but also to for-profit probation, parole, community corrections and other services that take away or restrict freedom. It is critical to make this challenge before the private prison industry becomes “too big to fail”.


And we are not alone

Incarcerating people for profit has drawn broad-based opposition, from faith-based organizations to libertarian groups, and from civil rights associations to corrections officer unions.

Many of these groups formally adopted resolutions urging governments to end the practice of private incarceration, while others have operated behind the scenes to limit the growth of the industry.

These organizations represent very different worldviews, but they all see the inherent wrongness of injecting the profit motive into a criminal justice system thereby making the criminal justice system unfair, unsafe, and not aligned with the principles of a well-functioning democracy.

Your tax-deductible contribution will provide vital funding for building the infrastructure necessary to win a fight of this scale. Every single dollar will bring us one step closer to our goal of Abolishing Private Prisons.


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A number of legal, faith-based, secular, and labor organizations have called for abolition, prohibition, divestment, and moratoriums on the use of private prisons.

You can help build the momentum of abolishing private prisons by working with an organization to pass a resolution in support of the cause.