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Sustain our legal effort to end private, for-profit prisons

We challenge the constitutionality of for-profit incarceration and the prison industrial complex that stands in the way of real justice reform. This requires sustained work to reverse our nation's status as the world leader in locking people up. Our cause is freedom and justice.


Using prisoners as a means to generate enormous private prison corporation profits is immoral. Many churches and civic organizations have called for the abolition of private for-profit prisons. Many of these resolutions are on our website. Pitting corporate profits directly at odds with individual liberty is a horrible idea and should never happen in a free society. Please join this grassroots campaign to end multi-billion dollar prison corporations.


We need sustaining commitments of $10,000 per month, which means $10 per month from 1,000 supporters. We are on the verge of filing our first lawsuit. We need the funds to do it.


Please make your monthly donation today and ask your friends to do the same. Thank you for your support. It means so much.


John Dacey

Executive Director, Abolish Private Prisons