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The privatization of prisons, immigration detention centers, and related services like probation and post-release monitoring has largely gone unnoticed until recently.


Abolish Private Prisons strives to collect as much of the news about this phenomenon as possible and to serve as a repository of information for activists and other interested individuals.

Private Prison Contractors


Private Prison Companies Encourage Mass Incarceration by Owning Facilities

Review of the Federal Bureau of Prisons' Monitoring of Contract Prisons

Map of Corrections Corporation of America Locations

Corrections Corporation of America Annual Reports

Corrections Corporation of America 2016 Notice and Proxy Statement

Corrections Corporation of American 2015 Form 10-K

Corrections Corporation of America Political and Lobbying Activity

Corrections Corporation of America 2015 SEC Filing

Private Prisons Blur the Line Between Real People and Real Estate With New IRS Property Gambit

Private Prison Corporations Are Modern Day Slave Traders




Arizona faith leaders oppose prison expansion

Abolish Private Prisons, Says UCC Southwest Conference

Methodist Church Pulls Investments From Private Prisons

Board screens out private-prison stocks

United Methodist Church Divests from CCA and GEO

Presbyterian Church USA: Resolution Calling for the Abolition of For-Profit Private Prisons



UW-Madison student council calls for divestment; officials say they won't change practices

DivestKenyon protests as spring board meeting approaches

Princeton PPD Wants University To Divest In Private Prisons Programs

Students Continue Divestment Push - Princeton

Harvard students circulate petition urging their administration to divest from private prisons

University of California To Divest From Private Prisons

Georgetown CISR Urges Board Of Directors Against Private Prions Investments

Vanderbilt: Private prisons, (y)our contributions and the need to divest

Economics Nobel Prize 2016 winner Oliver Hart showed the danger of private prisons

Update: Columbia University divesting from private prison companies. Why other schools should too.


Racial Inequality


Private Prison Corporations are Modern Day Slave Traders

The Science of Justice: Race, Arrests, and Police Use of Force

Study supports suspicion that police are more likely to use force on Blacks

1 in 3 Black Men Go To Prison? The 10 Most Disturbing Facts About Racial Inequality in the U.S. Criminal Justice System

The Legacy of Chattel Slavery

The Color of Corporate Corrections

Judge Sentenced To 28 Years For Selling Black Teens To Prisons

Why For-Profit Prisons House More Inmates Of Color

Mass Incarceration: Race Crime and Justice A Fresh Look at Old Questions

Private prisons profit off race prejudice


Disability & Mental Illness


The Treatment Industrial Complex: How For-Profit Prison Corporations are Undermining Efforts to Treat and Rehabilitate Prisoners for Corporate Gain

InCorrect Care: A Prison Profiteer Turns Care into Confinement




Is America Engaged In A 'Vicious Circle' Of Jailing The Poor?

Private Probation Services Penalize the Poor


Immigration & Detention


A Federal Judge Put Hundreds of Immigrants Behind Bars While Her Husband Invested in Private Prisons

In Texas, Private Prisons Boom As Immigrant Detentions Rise

Growing private detention industry threatens immigrants' rights on the U.S.-Mexico border

Private prisons boom in Texas and across America under Trump's immigration crackdown

How much do private prisons stand to gain from Trump's immigration enforcement policies?

Immigrant groups target Wells Fargo for supporting 'Trump campaign of hate'

Immigration crackdown is golden for private prisons

This industry stands to benefit from Trump's crackdown on the border

Private Prison Companies Will Still Lock Up Immigrants, Despite DOJ Decision

Inside the administration's $1 billion deal to detain Central American asylum seekers

Immigration detention quotas arbitrarily funnel people into a sprawling system of unaccountable incarceration

How ICE Shields Its Financial Dealings With Private Prison Contractors From Public Scrutiny

Immigration Detention Bed Quotas: Private Prison Corporations, Government Collude to Keep Contracts Secrets

Banking On Detention: Local lockup quotas & the immigrant dragnet

Detention Watch Network v. Immigration Customs and Enforcement and Department of Homeland Security

A Death in Texas


International News

No prison in England and Wales safe for young people

International Legal Precedent: No Private Prisons in Israel