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Mission, Vision, & Values


To abolish private prisons in the United States of America.


The United States has a rational, fair, and neutral system of criminal justice untarnished by bias and profit motives. 



The government is responsible for carrying out justice, not private corporations. Government only has power that “We The People” gave it and the people did not give government the power to privatize justice. Our constitution forbids treating people like property. Prison privatization turns inmates into commodities. The constitution requires a fair and unbiased system of justice. Profit motives create bias and unfairness in favor of incarceration.


There should be no profit motive to put people in and keep them in prison. Private prison corporations are big business and have a powerful lobby. This industry generates billions of dollars of revenue each year and spends millions in political contributions and lobbying to convince politicians to prioritize profits, not fairness.


To the private prison industry, inmates are inventory.

The US Constitution recognizes that government has a profound responsibility when ever it takes away a person’s liberty. This responsibility belongs to government alone, and that responsibility and the people effected by that responsibility are not for sale.