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Huge thanks to Anthony at SearchEngineUK and his listeners for having an insightful conversation with Robert from APP.  You can listen to the interview here:

Arizona Informant Publishes APP Article on 400th Anniversary of 1st Slave Importation

Since 1971, the Arizona Informant has provided an important voice for the Black community throughout the state of Arizona. The family-owned and -operated newspaper continues to capture the attention of the Black community and others. Published every Wednesday, the Arizona Informant Newspaper is the only African-American owned weekly newspaper in the state.

The Informant ran a special edition on the 400th Anniversary of the first African slaves imported to the United States and published a piece written by Robert that traces the exploitation of African-Americans (and in particular, African-American men) from that event through the lease-convict system, Jim Crow laws, the War on Drugs, and now for-profit incarceration. The Informant is primarily a print publication, but you can read a digital version of the op-ed here

RL George

R. L. George is a philosopher/author. She is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, and has worked in corporate business and in the semiconductor industry, as well as in construction and rare book sales. She has also worked as a musician, a farmer, an auctioneer, an educator, and national book reviewer/contest judge. She has lived in a number of U.S. states, Canada, and Mexico. Her education includes a B.S in Interdisciplinary Studies, an M.A. in Humanities, and an M.A. in Philosophy. She is currently a PhD candidate in Psychology. It has always been George's belief that general education includes equal amounts of life experience and scholarly pursuits.


Her novel Breaking Freedom "tells the story of a computer programmer who is arrested and sent to a privately owned prison that is run for profit. Max Carter finds that the prison is nothing he expected... it is run more like a business than a correctional facility. Another startling realization is that the prison's stratospherically wealthy owner has grandiose ideas for creating a fully controlled society, and that idealistic but unrealistic dream is based on a continual increase of laws."

Visit her website here, and buy the insightful look into for-profit incarceration here.

Abolish Private Prisons on Legal-Ease

Legal-Ease offers a partisan-free perspective on current issues affecting America and beyond, inviting the brightest minds from around Arizona and the country, to politely discuss the things that matter in a Socratic manner. No one will be called names. No one’s beliefs will be mocked. They are here simply to deliver unbiased and informative discussions about legal matters that affect us all. The spin, as it begins, will be easy to follow and fact checked by an ideologically diverse group analyzing a relevant news topic previously explored by other news outlets. 

APP joined the hosts of Legal-Ease to discuss the facts and legal arguments supporting the constitutional case against private, for-profit incarceration. Check out the podcast here, and our specific episode here.

Abolish Private Prisons Figures It Out!

Figure It Out is a podcast that describes itself like this: Today, our society faces a number of issues affecting people like never before. From politics to race to the economy to the environment, we are not bereft of real concerns from real people. But what we are lacking are practical solutions though civil dialogue. On Sentari and George Figure it Out, the hosts set out to do exactly that: figure it out. Through a conversation with local experts on national issues, Sentari and George work to find tangible and actionable solutions. Witty, humorous, and real - these two along with invited guests will make you laugh, will challenge you to think, and will inspire you to do some good in the world.


Executive Director John Dacey visited to talk to the hosts about for-profit incarceration and moving to action on the topic. Check it out here.