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Legal Profession

As lawyers, judges, and others working in the legal professions you know that much is wrong with the private for-profit prison industry. Your support of this organization and work is vital to our success. You can use the Take Action and Get Involved pages to donate to the organization and spread the word to your network.

Legal advocates around the world have take stances against the private for-profit prison industry, we ask that you do the same with in your professional organizations and structures.

Examples of Resolutions for Legal Institutions

American Bar Association

"In 1986, the American Bar Association did ask, and called for a moratorium on private prisons until the “complex constitutional…issues” are resolved.3   The appeal was ignored and the industry boomed. And the ABA’s concerns remain.4 In the interim, a number of legal articles have appeared that continue to question the constitutionality of private prisons."

Israeli Supreme Court

“Israel’s basic legal principles hold that the right to use force in general, and the right to enforce criminal law by putting people behind bars in particular, is one of the most fundamental and one of the most invasive powers in the state’s jurisdiction. Thus when the power to incarcerate is transferred to a private corporation whose purpose is making money, the act of depriving a person of [their] liberty loses much of its legitimacy. Because of this loss of legitimacy, the violation of the prisoner’s right to liberty goes beyond the violation entailed in the incarceration itself.”

The decision (only available in Hebrew from the Court)

References about these Resolutions

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