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Law Enforcement

As law enforcement officers you see the daily realities of the criminal justice system more than most people. You are also affected by private for-profit prisons more than most people in our country. This industry has a track record of exploiting the law enforcement professionals who work in the industry and a history of exploiting people incarcerated in private for-profit prisons. The private for-profit prison industry is bad for everyone. 

We need your support in this fight. We hope to lift up your voices and stories so that people understand the full negative impact of the private for-profit prison industry.

Here are statements from law enforcement organizations against the industry.

Examples of Resolutions from Law Enforcement

American Correctional Officers

“Therefore be it RESOLVED, that the American Correctional Officer, and all organizational individual members have a ZERO tolerance of prison privatization.”

ACO Anti-Prison Privatization Resolution (2010)