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Faith Community

As faith communities we have a specific call to work for those who are most vulnerable in our society. Working for a fair and just society is the work of faith. Many churches have taken up the call and chosen to stand against the private for profit prison industry. We invite you to follow their example by organizing with in your church or faith community to abolish private prisons.

Examples of Resolutions for Churches & Faith Based Organizations

Unitarian Universalist Resolution

"WHEREAS, prisons for profit encourages longer terms of imprisonment and maximizes profit by minimizing services and rehabilitation; and the Prison Industrial Complex, under the influence of private prison companies that supply goods and services to prisons for profit, is a system of oppression that perpetuates and further criminalizes poverty;

Continue to educate ourselves on the adverse impacts of prison privatization and the many injustices in the Prison Industrial Complex such as a) grossly disproportionate impact on marginalized groups, b) Solitary Confinement practices, c) prison-based Gerrymandering, d) voter disenfranchisement and e) employment discrimination."

2018 Resolution “Dismantle Predatory Medical Care Practices in Prisons and End Prisons for Profit

Methodist Resolution

“The United Methodist Church declares its opposition to the privatization of prisons and jails and to profit making from the punishment of human beings.”

United Methodist Church: 2000 (reaffirmed in 2004)

Presbyterian Resolution

“Since the goal of for-profit private prisons is earning a profit for their shareholders, there is a basic and fundamental conflict with the concept of rehabilitation as the ultimate goal of the prison system. We believe that this is a glaring and significant flaw in our justice system and that for-profit private prisons should be abolished.”

Presbyterian Church USA: May 2003

Press Release

Catholic Bishops of the South

“Private prisons are not consistent with the need for our prisons to respect the human dignity of each and every person, we call for an end to all for-profit private prisons. The trend towards more and more people being held in private prisons should be reversed immediately. We call on all levels of government to refuse to sign new contracts or to renew expiring ones with private prison corporations.”

Wardens from Wall Street: Prison Privatization (2002)

Episcopal Resolution

“The industry of warehousing prisoners in private prisons has presented a temptation to those who would profit from the punishment of human beings.”

Episcopal Diocese of Newark: January 2002

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

“We bishops question whether private, for-profit corporations can effectively run prisons. The profit motive may lead to reduced efforts to change behaviors, treat substance abuse, and offer skills necessary for reintegration into the community.”

Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice (November 2000)

Resolutions Toolkit

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