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Reach out to your elected officials!

Greetings to everyone in this unique time.


The pandemic sweeping across the world has changed our daily lives in ways we never imagined. In every community, including the United States, we attempt to flatten the curve and preserve medical care for those most in need.


For Abolish Private Prisons (APP), our work on preparing the lawsuit continues with more meetings occurring in cyberspace than physical space. However, for people in prisons, social distancing is simply not an option – they have no choice. Depending on the facility, prisoners share small cells or sleep “barracks-style” with dozens of bunkbeds packed as tightly as feasible.


This situation, of course, is potentially disastrous as an infection vector.


APP is attacking this problem on two fronts. First, our ongoing work to abolish privatized incarceration removes the financial incentives that lead to worse conditions and reduced medical care. But that timeline, even in a best-case scenario, will be too late for the current pandemic. So, we need your help.


We are urgently asking you today to reach out directly to your elected officials and urge them to release prisoners whose convictions should not equal a death sentence.


This website will give you a list of all elected officials, their phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing address based on the address you enter: http://myreps.datamade.us/


This moment calls for humane intervention, action that cannot wait.


If you agree that persons in prisons who were convicted of non-violent crimes, pretrial detainees, and people who have underlying conditions should immediately be released because they are at high pandemic risk, we need your voice.


Please contact your elected officials now. Call, email, write letters, and organize your friends and family to do the same. Let your elected officials know that, as their constituent, you believe it’s the right thing to do and you need them to take action before it’s too late. We have provided some sample language below to help you create a personalized letter or email. The more personalized you make it, the more likely it is to be part of a movement of change.


Thank you, and please stay safe.




John Dacey

Executive Director

My name is [], and I live at [].

I am writing to ask you to support the release of people in our prisons and jails who were convicted of non-violent crimes, pretrial detainees, and people who have underlying conditions. They should immediately be released because they are at high pandemic risk.

We elected you to serve the people, and right now your people need you to act courageously to save the lives of people who often have no voice.

Additionally, our community can escape the inevitable large cost associated with treating and otherwise coping with this pandemic when it reaches our incarceration system. 


There are many good reasons to release people during this unique and dangerous time: moral, economic, and spiritual. Please listen to your heart, your brain, and your constituents and do everything in your power to release these vulnerable groups from our jails and prisons.


Respectfully, Your Constituent,