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Arizona News

Arizona further invests public retirement in private prisons

State retirement fund invests in private prisons that hold large contracts

Treatment Industrial Complex

Arizona doesn't need any more for-profit prisons

Drug Sentencing in Arizona: A Prescription for Failure

Mesa could be first city in Arizona to privatize jail operations

Proponents of Prison Privatization in AZ Unfazed by News of Federal-Level Phaseout

Feds to stop using private prisons. Meanwhile in Arizona...

Community Cages: Profitizing community corrections and alternatives to incarceration

Private prisons are costly and unconstitutional

Community Cages: Profitizing community corrections and alternatives to incarceration

Ducey shafts Kingman schools to line wallet of private prison operator

Private prison deal cuts $1.5M from Mohave County, schools as operator gets $2.5M state subsidy

State to spend $21M to house 1,000 private prison inmates in Eloy

Arizona spends $20K more annually per inmate over a student

Roberts: If private prisons make sense, why is Ducey buying one?

State might refinance Kingman private prison, give staff more pay

Assessment of the 2015 Riots in Management and Training Corporations' Kingman Prison

Private Prison Company Used in Drug Raids at Public High School

Jan Brewer, Arizona Governor, Has Ties To Private Prisons That House Those Locked Up By New Immigration Law

How Corporate Interests Got SB 1070 Passed

Editorial: Let's get facts on private prisons

Arizona faith leaders oppose prison expansion

Ducey's prison expansion faces mild GOP criticism

Will Ducey order real investigation into Kingman prison?

Ducey budget cut hits education, local governments, drivers

Profits of Policing: AZ asset seizures net $200M in past 5 years